ScentSticksFragrance Infusers
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The Most Authentic Fragrance Product

on Earth
We start with all-natural, biodegradable paper, sourced from sustainably managed American forests.

We wind it up into a stick.
We infuse it to its core with pure fragrance that naturally wicks to the surface, layer by layer.
We keep everything close to our home and yours here in the USA, so our carbon footprint is as planet-friendly as our product.
Spill-Free & Flamelessand so much more
No spills (that's right, spill-free!). No leaks. No drippy wax.
Infused with pure fragrance to deliver the most natural, authentic and pure olfactory experience. (We leave the additives and solvents behind at the chemical factory for use in the other guys' fragrance products.)
No flames (that's right, flameless!). No electricity.
It's paper! Biodegradable, and sourced from sustainably managed forests. No plastic holder to throw away, and no eco-guilt.
Oh So Versatilelockers, gymbags, luggage... try that Mr. candle
ScentSticks Just Work30 Days of EVEN Scent
Each ScentStick delivers beautiful, even scent for about 30 days, starting with a slight burst in the first day or two to set the tone.