Enviroscent was founded in 2001 by Jeff Sherwood, a former NASA scientist, and his wife Sharon with the purpose of delivering the most authentic scent experiences to large venues like Disneyland and the Super Bowl. Jeff and Sharon started an environmentally forward-thinking company, bursting with a passion to create honest and unique fragrance experiences, where sustainability, fundamental research and disruptive technology are core pillars. Today, if we were to report to Inc. Magazine, we'd be one of the 250 fastest growing private companies in the U.S.


We don't consider using a natural essential oil in our fragrance enough to call us a natural company. We consider our role more broadly, as environmental stewards, and make choices about our products with a cradle-to-cradle mindset.


Our R&D department is staffed with a team of scientists who believe that true creativity should be protected. As a result, we have been awarded patents and trademarks across the world.