You carefully select the foods you eat and what you put on your skin. Why wouldn't you take that same care with the air you breathe?
It's about time someone offered you a healthier option.. After taking a hard look at air fresheners today, there wasn't a single product we felt GOOD about choosing. We were tired of buyin brands that use all sorts of crazy chemicals we didn't need. So, we decided to do something about it.
PURE Fragrance Co. air fresheners offer you an amazing fragrance experience using a few simpe ingredients and no crazy chemicals. Our products contain 100% fragrance + paper, with a little all-natural starch and silica to make it last. That's it. No crazy chemicals to water down the fragrance or pollute your home's air. By embracing only what's necessary and nothing that's not, you get a cleaner, more fragranct experience that doesn't compromise your environment, your health, or your values.

Invigorate any vehicle with clean, liquid-free Car Sticks and experience amazing, continuous fragrance that travels at the speed of just right. Plus, there are no leaks and no mess! To instantly freshen your ride, simply thread the elastic loop through the end of the diffuser, hang from your rear-view mirror and voila! An incredible car freshener that smells great and rides easy.

Featuring a smart, liquid-free design, Car Vent Clips upgrade any vehicle with vivid, long-enduring fragrance for one fresh ride after another. Plus, there are no leaks and no mess! To create a more pleasant, enjoyable commute, simply attach the clip to your vehicle's air vent and let our clean, captivating scents take the wheel (well not literally, of course).

Inspired by modern, minimal decor, Sticks enhance any room with vibrant, versatile, and liquid-free fragrance. There are never any leaks, spills, or mess to clean up, plus there's no flipping required. To fill your home with sublime aroma, simply place 2-3 Sticks in one of our custom-designed vases. For a more intense fragrance, add up to 6 Sticks and create a happy ambiance you can't wait to get home to.

With their unique, wax-free design, Spheres elevate any room with beautiful, lasting fragrance and effervescent charm. There's never any hot mess to clean up, plus each Sphere lasts more than 2X longer than wax melts. All you need is 2-3 Spheres and a ceramic, metal or glass bowl. For an even more intense aromatic experience, simply place 1-3 Spheres on a warmer and savor the scent to your heart's content.

For fragrance and design enthusiasts alike! Pure Fragrance Co. accessories are specifically designed to safely diffuse our beautiful, long-lasting scents throughout your home.