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At Enviroscent, we have worked hard to remove solvents from our products. Enviroscent's patented, natural technology has completely eliminated the need for solvents to push fragrance into the air. Solvents are basically ways of diluting your fragrance. Most likely, if you're buying a fragrance product, you're buying a little bit of fragrance and a lot of solvent filler. At Enviroscent, we use pure, untainted fragrance – that is strong and beautiful, without the use of fillers.

We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and we manufacture our products in the Atlanta area.

Enviroscent Bed & Bath Sticks, Drawer Sticks, Auto Sticks and Bursts are recyclable, as they are made from biodegradable, paper infused with solvent-free, pure fragrance. Auto Vent Clip can be recycled only if the vent clip housing is separated from the fragrance puck.

We continuously refine our fragrances to be better environmental stewards, champions of solvent-free formulations, and, of course, purveyors of incredibly vivid fragrances. As a result, we occasionally discontinue a fragrance but almost always replace it with something very close, but better. Review our fragrance portfolio and we are certain you’ll find a new fragrance to love!

For best results, always store Enviroscent products in a cool, dark place.

Enviroscent Bursts can either be used with or without a warmer. For a subtle scent, place one to three Bursts in a glass or ceramic bowl or centerpiece with a wide opening. For a more intense scent, place a Burst into a clean and empty electric wax melt warmer and turn it on (120℉ is best).

Enviroscent products do not have any liquid or oil to leak or spill. However, our products are infused with pure fragrance which means that they should never come into direct contact with wood, plastics, fabrics or any other finished surfaces.

We want you to be 100% happy with your Enviroscent product, if you’re not happy we’re not happy. If you wish to return an item, simply email customersupport@enviroscent.com or call (404) 835-5300 with your order number to request a return or refund.