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Electric Hexagon Black Warmer

SKU: 02043-001
Sleek and easy-to-use ceramic design complements your décor while filling your room with nature-inspired scents. Warmer is designed to intensify the long-lasting fragrance of our Bursts (sold separately)—up to 64+ hours at 120ºF (twice as long as wax melts that require a temperature of 150ºF or more). Includes easy on/off switch.

How to use with our Enviroscent® Bursts™ Fragranced Diffusers: place 1-3 Bursts on warmer. Replace when scent is no longer detected. 
For Bursts: avoid direct contact with wood, plastics, fabrics, or any other finished surfaces.

Net Weight:
15.8 oz

Place 1-3 Bursts on warmer. Replace when scent is no longer detected.
Intended exclusively for warming Enviroscent® Bursts™ Fragranced Diffusers. Only use the warmer for its intended purpose. For indoor use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not recommended for use with wax melts. Top surface of warmer will become warm during operation. Always allow warmer to cool before handling. Do not use around open flame. Never use on or near flammable surfaces. Do not place or use warmer near water. Immediately unplug if warmer comes into contact with water. Do not use on uneven surface. 

Warmer has a polarized plug for safety. Use only in a properly functioning 120-Volt electrical outlet. Plug will fit into outlet only one way. If plug does not fit into outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not operate with damaged cord or plug or if unit has been dropped, damaged, or malfunctioned. Discard warmer should this occur. Do not leave unattended while in operation. Do not leave on overnight.