About Us: We're Gluttons for Scent

At EnviroScent, we’re defining the future of home fragrance with innovation and masterfully crafted signature scents.  We infuse biodegradable sticks with pure fragrance to create a clean, premium scent experience.  No mess, no spills, no flame or electricity required. Our products make your floral arrangements smell real, your Christmas tree smell fresh-cut and your home smell like an enticing escape. Our fragrances are authentic, pure and simple – inspired by the very best that nature has to offer. Explore our site and find the products and scents that will make your life smell a little more beautiful.

Our venture into scent-making started in 2001 when Jeff Sherwood, a former NASA primate zoologist and serial entrepreneur, and his wife Sharon, decided that the world could smell a lot better.  Rather than starting small, they figured out how to make places like Disney, Universal Studios and the Bellagio deliver amazing scent experiences for the multitudes of people passing through their doors every day.

Next, FTD (yes, the Flower Experts™) challenged Jeff and Sharon to help them solve a serious problem.  It happened that engineering stunning, lasting blooms came at the expense of true flower power –naturally beautiful fragrance. So they developed ScentStems™ to bring back the smell that was missing from fresh-cut floral arrangements.

In 2005, they thought of another centerpiece in the home that was missing its special fragrance – Christmas Trees.  It wasn’t because live trees didn’t still smell wonderful.  The issue was that over 50 million homes now have artificial trees for their convenience and to avoid allergy issues. And nothing smells more like Christmas than a fresh-cut tree.  So, with the introduction of ScentSicles scented ornaments, people were able to have the convenience of an artificial tree without sacrificing the delightful aroma of a fresh-cut tree.

In 2008, ScentAir, the world’s leading provider of commercial scent solutions, bought the original commercial scent experience business, allowing Jeff and Sharon to focus on products sold in stores and online.

In 2009, the leadership team expanded to include the rest of us, people who also love to pioneer new products and care a lot about the quality of the fragrances we create. Today we’re hard at work, making innovative scent products that are purer, safer, cleaner and greener than anything else available in home fragrance.

Thanks to Jeff and Sharon, the world does smell a little better. Just take a sniff of our products and we’re sure you’ll agree.