Scent Starter Packs

Ocean Pack
Ocean Pack

Imagine a breath of water-kissed coastal air. Light, crisp citrus and marine top notes give way to water lily wrapped in creamy floral notes and musk.

Sugar Cookie Pack
Sugar Cookie Pack A gourmand’s delight! The delicious aroma of warm, buttery sugar cookies with sugar crystals baked on top. 
French Vanilla Pack
French Vanilla Pack Indulge yourself in an intoxicating blend of rum, caramel and vanilla. 
White Gardenia Pack
White Gardenia Pack

As elegant as the bride on the morning of her wedding, this white floral fragrance pairs gardenia with tuberose and adds a hint of green with lily.

Coconut Beach Pack
Coconut Beach Pack Escape to an island beach with coconut trees and beautiful, tanned bodies. Creamy coconut blended with the rich, smooth fragrance of vanilla.
Green Tea & Lemongrass Pack
Green Tea & Lemongrass Pack Return to a Zen state with this premium, complex blend of citrusy lemongrass top notes combined with soothing green tea leaves and green florals.
Sage & Pomegranate Pack
Sage & Pomegranate Pack Like fine wine, this fragrance is very dry and has a clean finish with its herbal-floral heart of sage and energetic aromatics blended with geranium, green florals and a touch of cassis and pomegranate. 
Pumpkin Pie Pack
Pumpkin Pie Pack This classic pumpkin pie recipe will entice your taste buds with warm notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, clove and vanilla.
Eucalyptus Mint Pack
Eucalyptus Mint Pack Relax with this cleansing, calming fragrance featuring a subtle mixture of eucalyptus leaves and mint with a touch of citrus.
White Tea & Ginger Pack
White Tea & Ginger Pack

Tantalize your senses with top notes of crushed green leaves, ginger and citrus, a heart of green tea with ethereal jasmine and a hint of hyacinth built upon musk and moss.

Green Clover & Aloe Pack
Green Clover & Aloe Pack The essence of rolling meadows and summer mornings, this watery green floral fragrance of green clover is mingled with top notes of bergamot and aloe.
White Winter Fir Pack
White Winter Fir Pack This favorite fragrance captures the natural aroma of a freshly cut Douglas Fir, making it smell and feel more like Christmas. (This item is currently on back-order and won't be available to ship until after 12/11.)
Water Clover Pack
Water Clover Pack Water Clover is a clean and natural fragrance inspired by fresh-cut grass, mountain lakes, clover fields, and spring air. 
Deep Wood Pack
Deep Wood Pack Deep Wood is dark and luxurious fragrance inspired by libraries, oversized leather chairs, dark woods, and exotic tobaccos. 
White Petals Pack
White Petals Pack
Two Dashes of Cinnamon Pack
Two Dashes of Cinnamon Pack Now your home can be constantly filled with the sweet cinnamon aroma without even turning on the oven or lighting a match. (This item is currently on back-order and won't be available to ship until after 1/13/14.)
Amber Spice Pack
Amber Spice Pack Amber Spice is an exotic and sophisticated fragrance inspired by rich spices, succulent fruits, exotic florals, spice markets, and unexpected pleasures.
Forest Berries Pack
Forest Berries Pack Forest Berries is a juicy and sweet fragrance inspired by blackberries, forest walks, juicy berries ripening in the sun, outdoors, childhood, and happiness. 
Hot Apple Pie Pack
Hot Apple Pie Pack Make a house feel more like “home sweet home” with this aroma of buttery crust layered on top of savory baked apples with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.